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I can’t say I truly grasped what these videos spoke about, but I got the gist of it after listening to all three. I can’t really say what I think of Chomsky and his actions, since truthfully, it would all just be my opinion, I could speak the wrongs or the rights, but what does that prove aside from how I seen the man. He might not have been educated or had previous experience in the media world, but sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to see the world as it is, rather then a hardened pair that sees the world as it has been portrayed.

Court Mishaps

Buffalo, NY – The murder trial of Hassan has made a break through this week in the court room. This very unorthodox trial has been a rare sight since the beginning, starting with Hassan being his own attorney and just recently was followed by his request to use the District Attorneys own witness, a psychiatrist by the name of Gary J. Horwitz.

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Parting Words

It’s a sad day today, a member of our close  knit town has recently passed. Tiffany was born November 7th, 1990 to Valerie and Michael Steinhauer and lived to the age of thirty-five. She had accomplished so much, including a masters in social work and awards for her good deeds in her community. She was married to her beloved husband Matthias for ten years, they had two beautiful children, a daughter and son named Trinity and Alexavier.

The wake will be held the 30th at Amigone funeral home on French Road from two to four.

Who Might You Be?

Who am I? Such a simple question must require a simple answer, at least many would think that. For me, it requires a detailed, in

depth response, one that delves deep into my past, my present, and my future. The question now, would be; where to start? I could

be generic and do a chronological answer, but that just wouldn’t be me. Me, would be creative, spontaneous, and all over, but I wold

have to tone down my own voice to make sure others could follow. So, a mixture of the me and the generic would be the most

simplistic answer to explain who I am.

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